Handmade CBD Oil

Craft Terpene Blends

Inspired by Nature

Here at CBD Delight, we specialize in creating unique, nature-inspired recipes using terpenes. Our goal is to understand the synergies between cannabinoids and terpenoids.


We'd be more than happy to help you find the best CBD oil blend.

Email us at: CBD.Delight@gmail.com

Cartridges w/ Terps

& CBD Vape Juice

Be amazed by the powerful combination of CBD and CBT distillates with delectable White Widow terpenes for an incredible, solventless cartridge experience. Bask in the exploratory stages of cannabis science as we see a larger representation of minor cannabinoids.

If you'd prefer to rip flavorful clouds then our vape juice is sure to offer a lovely, natural flavor. We have a mouthwatering Wild Strawberry Cactus flavor and a sweet, light Minty Cactus flavor to excite your taste buds for fast dosing.

Pure CBD Oil

with Craft Terpenes

Every bottle of CBD oil is made with a special terpene blend, which we designed to enhance the effects of CBD.

Created with CBD isolate, our CBD oil lacks the bitter flavor associated with other brands. We serve the best flavors around. You can rest assured that we uphold premium quality standards. Small businesses lead with creativity.

Handmade Lotion

with CBD & Terpenes

Plus other topicals

The CBD lotion we offer uses a coconut oil base with our signature terpene blend. Maximize the relief CBD has to offer. You'll surely be blown away by the enticing aroma.


The high absorption terpenes makes it an excellent choice for localized pain relief with fast results. A slick consistency that spreads delicately across the skin helps make a long-lasting and cost-effective CBD topical lotion.


We also carry an assortment of alternative topical CBD products, such as bath bombs and Lewd Glue CBD Lube, always made with natural ingredients.

Nevada & Oregon Grown

Industrial Hemp Flower

Premium greenhouse hemp flower.

Contains <0.3% delta-9 THC.

Tested by a 3rd party facility.

Excellently trimmed. Expertly grown.

Our hemp flower is selected from the finest farms in the United States. Quality is our priority. Serving our customers with affordable rates is our satisfaction.