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This page was designed to display all of our lab test results in a quick and easy format for anyone that doesn't have a batch number available.

500mg CBD Oil: 01-T-0500

1,000mg CBD Oil: 01-T-1000

1,500mg CBD Oil: 01-T-1500

200mg Bath Bomb: 01-BB-0200

Single Strength Lotion: 01-L-1000

Double Strength Lotion: 01-L-2000

Jack Frost Hemp Flower: 01-HF-JF

Sour Diesel Hemp Flower: 01-HF-SD

Banana Bread Hemp Flower: 01-HF-BB

Strawberry Shortcake Hemp Flower: 01-HF-SSC

125mg Lewd Glue CBD Lube: 01-LG-0125

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