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7,500mg Lewd Glue CBD Lube

7,500mg Lewd Glue CBD Lube

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Two ingredients. 99% Pure CBD Isolate and Superior Organic Virgin Coconut Oil.


Use it as lube, massage oil, or edibles! Our multi-purpose lube is guaranteed to please all parties involved. Because of the natural lubrication from the coconut oil you can explore the delicate and warm sensations.


Achieve the slippery slickness of maximum wetness when you slide into the DM's of whatever fine specimen tugs on your sweet spot. If your pursuits leave you with positive approval, the DM's won't be the best place you've slid in.


Our Lewd Glue CBD Lube uses a coconut oil base. For that reason, our Lewd Glue CBD Lube is NOT compatible with latex protection. Within minutes, any type of oil will cause latex to deteriorate rapidly and break. It is advised that you utilize other methods of safe love or stick to foreplay.


It takes time for CBD to be absorbed ~ 15 to 30 minutes. Because of this, it is highly recommended that you save the CBD lube for prolonged and passionate sessions to maximize the intensity of your pleasure. You won't regret a night filled with teasing & temptations.

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    Super nice

    Brad sent me a sample to try out and I love it! It smells really good too. Love coconut oil and the consistency.

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