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CBD Delight LLC was established in April, 2018.

We began creating hemp-derived CBD infused products in the middle of 2016 and have consistently improved our quality.


Our main attraction is CBD; however, we direct a large portion of our efforts towards terpenes: the basic component of essential oils. Researchers believe that terpenes enhance the function of CBD and other cannabinoids.

We based our terpene blends on naturally occuring ratios found in cannabis strains. This gives us the ability to create CBD alternatives to popular strains within nature's restraints.

ProVerde Labs is the 3rd party company that verifies every batch of CBD we make.


We strive to establish ourselves as the most versatile and unique CBD manufacturer in Indiana with formulations based on nature and the growing research on the synergistic quality of cannabinoids and terpenes.


Our hemp-derived CBD isolate is extracted from 100% Colorado-grown hemp extracted with CO2. This is the primary ingredient for our tinctures and lotions that are uniquely handcrafted by us with only natural ingredients.


The proper equipment for infusion and precise measurements are used to ensure a consistent product. Everything is produced in a clean facility. Nana Clare's commercial kitchen in Valparaiso, IN is the health department certified facility we rent for production.

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True Terpenes is the supplier of our terpene isolates. They are located in Portland, Oregon and their terpenes are made with all natural, non-gmo, organic, food grade terpenes. Steam-extracted from the highest quality plant material.

They offer isolated terpenes and strain specific terpenes. The isolated terpenes are what we use to make our own strain specific terpene blends. We never use or copy their recipes to guarantee blends that are unique to our brand.

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The 3rd party cannabis testing facility we use is ProVerde Labs.

They are located in Milford, Massachusetts. All of our products are lab tested and include a QR code to adhere to state regulations.

Being lab tested helps us ensure the potency of our products and improve future manufacturing practices. You can rely on us to supply a quality finished product.

While we only test our products for cannabis potency, our CBD supplier tests their CBD extracts for pesticides, fungicides, insecticides, heavy metals, microbial content, and mycotoxins (mold).

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