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1mL D8 + THCV Cartridges Sub-Batch 0

1mL D8 + THCV Cartridges Sub-Batch 0

Please select each flavor individually or include a message with your flavor choices in the order notes. This product is a 21+ product and will be shipped with adult signature verification.


These cartridges came with two sub-batches with different prices & similar cannabinoid content. The actual cartridge hardware we use has changed from CCELL to AVD. They are made with a proprietary No-Burn Technology that's functional with any 510 thread vape battery.


Most of the terpene blends are the same cannabis-hybrid terpenes (CHT) as our previous batch, with a few botanical-derived terpene (BDT) blends and one flavor-enhanced CHT blend.


The CHT blends will replicate the unique cannabis tastes (skunk, gas, fruity, earthy, flowery) and are legally compliant without d9-THC. These are a mix of Cannabis-Derived Terpenes (CDT) and BDT. This allows for flavors that are easiest to recreate with reduced variance compared to CDT, while maintaining the key notes of cannabis.


Our final distillate was lab tested for Potency, Heavy Metals, Pesticides, Residual Solvents, Vitamin E,  and Terpenes with passing results.


Sub Batch 0: Lemon Haze, Chem Dawg, Durban Poison, Ghost Train Haze, Green Crack

View sub-batch 0's Lab Results

42.2% D8-THC

12.3% D8-THCV

8.3% CBT

5.5% CBN

4.9% CBC

4.7% CBG

5.1% Terpenes


This mix of noids was chosen to enhance the entourage effect with cascading ratios. Each step increases in potency to promote the primary cannabinoids. Additionally, certain cannabinoids have tough consistencies that make them unsuitable for cartridges. We meticulously crafted our recipe to reduce the likelihood of cartridges leaking and crystallizing. Having a vapeable consistency is important for user experience and is at the top of our mind for every batch.

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    Bowl of Berries
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    Highly recommend

    I highly recommend this product. So far this is the only thing that can bring me out of seizures and also help prevent them



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    Bowl of Berries
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    Best products, best quality.

    I recommend the oil to all of my friends. Brad hooked me up with some strawberry cough a couple years ago and bent over backwards to get it to me. The products, the service, and all of the designs are 10/10.

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